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goPDF simplifies PDF document creation, automates emailing, captures website screenshots, and interacts with a PDF file or web content. Boost productivity with our online pdf tools or supercharge you existing application using APIs.


AI Chat with PDF 's

Goodbye to boring PDFs, hello to interactive reading with GoPDF.
Transform your PDFs into engaging interactive files for a dynamic reading experience!

Turn Reading into a Conversation

Upload PDFs and chat to easily get specific details, summaries, or find information, include relevant sources from the uploaded document.
Works with various document types like legal agreements, financial reports, books, scientific papers, user manuals, and employee training materials.
You have the option to engage in voice chat with your document using the integrated feature, which is easily accessible to all users.
Say goodbye to the confusion of decoding complicated legal terminology! goPDF simplifies your documents for easy understanding and discussion.
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Pixel Perfect Html to Pdf API

Convert your HTML or hosted templates into PDFs easily using a simple API call.

HTML to PDF with Ease

Generate pixel-perfect PDF fast and easy by simply sending your HTML content through API requests. This versatile tool supports both raw HTML and sanitized HTML formats, ensuring seamless conversion without any hassle.

Powerful Template Variables

In HTML, use curly braces like {company_name} to create a template variable. Insert your data there when needed from API request, such as an array, table, string, or HTML. It's simple, no complex setup required.

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Hosted HTML Template

Does your app always require HTML changes that take time for developers to do? goPDF has strong HTML hosting for quick updates and easy conversion. Just provide the document ID and custom parameters to the API request.

HTML Editor

You have the option to either use your own HTML code or use our provided template. Make modifications, additions, or edits with our powerful HTML editor, which includes a live preview feature. It is fast, precise, and secure.

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Get access to a collection of 100+ templates

Capture Screenshot Programmatically

Take Website screenshots effortlessly with GoPDF API - for any device, any screen size.

Take screenshots for different screen sizes

The GoPDF API is capable of capturing website screenshots on various devices, such as mobile, tablet, and desktop. It can generate high-quality screenshots for Retina Display, as well as capture full-page screenshots that include lazy-loaded images. Additionally, it offers customization options such as custom delays and the ability to disable sticky and fixed contents.

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Create Video Screenshots of Any Website

Create Video Screenshots of Any Website Programmatically. This feature allows for the capturing of the entire webpage with automatic page scrolling, providing a holistic view of webpages without any hassle. By simply integrating the API into applications, the screenshot capture process can be automated, thereby improving the development workflow.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the basic types of questions for our customers

Absolutely! is designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding tech companies. With its robust infrastructure and advanced features, our platform provides a reliable and efficient solution for all your PDF-related tasks.
goPDF quickly processes and deletes personal data and documents with a short retention period. Each document processing is unique and ends once the process is finished, ensuring total privacy.
Yes, we are fully GDPR compliant. We understand the importance of data privacy and have taken all necessary steps to ensure that our platform adheres to the strict requirements set forth by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
Yes, goPDF allows you to generate PDFs programmatically. You can define your data set straightforward using curly braces. You can create or copy a document in HTML or DOC format, host it for free in the HTML or Document Editor, and make API calls.
Our servers are located in the European Union (EU). This ensures that your data is stored in compliance with EU regulations and provides additional peace of mind regarding data protection and privacy.
goPDF eliminates the need for configuring variables or dealing with complex integration. You can send dynamic content to PDF effortlessly using the platform's features.
Yes, all goPDF packages include unlimited access to our AI writer tool. You can use this tool to correct grammar, rephrase sentences, and adjust the length of your content as necessary.
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